South Africa has a destination-based VAT system. It essentially seeks to tax consumption of goods/services in South Africa.

Where goods or services move between tax jurisdictions it is therefore essential to have rules to determine in which jurisdiction taxing rights can be exercised.

As can be expected the VAT rules dealing with the international movement of goods or services are closely linked to the rules governing Customs and Excise, Exchange Control, and rules governing international trade.

This course aims to provide the learner with a deeper understanding of the relevant rules governing international trade from a Customs and VAT perspective and the links to other regulatory frameworks.

We attempted to present the content as practical as possible while not deviating from the technical foundation of the subject matter. We trust that this course will assist to reduce the level of uncertainty in this critical area of business.

Who Should Enrol

Any individual involved in the transactional leg of international movement of goods and the relevant VAT and customs treatment of these transactions.

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

Module 1: International movement of goods and services – The broad Framework

Module 2: Direct export of goods

Module 3: Indirect export of goods

Module 4: Zero-rated services

Module 5: Importation of goods

Module 6: Imported Services

Course Highlights

The aim of this course is to assist people involved in the import and export of goods and services, to deal with that and deal with the compliance requirements of these transactions from a VAT and customs perceptive. Our course is relevant and practical.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course candidates should have a better understanding of the VAT and customs implications and practical application insofar as the international movement of goods and services is concerned


Online assessment – mostly multiple choice 


The South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT)

Module 1: 8 CPD points

Module 2: 4 CPD points

Module 3: 6 CPD points

Module 4: 8 CPD points

Module 5: 4 CPD points

Module 6: 2 CPD points

TOTAL: 32 CPD hours


Pass the assessment of each module – the passing score varies between 75% and 100%

Module 1 = 80%

Module 2 = 75%

Module 3 = 75%

Module 4 = 77%

Module 5 = 80%

Module 6 = 100% (1 question)

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