From time to time a business will have to face some form of disruption to one or more parts of its business model. 

These disruptions are taking place across the value chain affecting production, distribution, work force planning and supply chain management. Covid-19, profoundly affects market sizing & segmentation. Even if all the other constrains were removed, would your market still be intact? And would your customers think about you in the same way they had previously? Any one of these disruptions would warrant a business model review, but all of them concurrently demand a complete rethink.

In our masterclass we look at companies that have already pivoted their business model. From Tesla retooling the Model 3 production line to produce ventilators, from Emirates shifting to cargo hauling, and Netflorist now delivering fresh fruit and veg. We unpack the thinking and tools that allowed these businesses to widen their gaze and narrow their focus.

This class should take between five to eight hours to complete. It can be completed at your own pace.  On completion delegates receive a certificate of attendance. 

Who Should Enrol

  • Any business negatively by affected by Covid-19
  • Any leadership team wishing to pivot their product or service offering
  • Executives wishing to learn how to rapidly prototype build a sustainable business beyond Covid-19
  • Product owners, agile coaches and design leads working on a product release cycle

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content


  • Learning to live with ambiguity.
  • How to work with design to solve problems.
  • How to work with business design to reimagine your business model.

Assessing opportunity

  • Connecting with opportunity through an African lens.
  • How to validate an opportunity with a canvas.
  • How to validate an opportunity with data.
  • How to assess risk vs. opportunity.

Designing with empathy

  • Different types of design tools.
  • A easy and simple to use design process.

Rethink how we take a solution to market

  • Sustainable business models.
  • Covid-19 disruptors.
  • 6 business models with local content.

Course Highlights

  • Bite sized learning 
  • The  opportunity for delegates to work at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home or workplace, without needing to travel. 
  • Ideal for organisations with dispersed workforces 
  • A combination of bespoke video production and content curated by experienced faculty and subject matter experts
  • Certificate of attendance or digital credentials.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the tools necessary to rapidly pivot or evolve your business model
  • Build a framework to develop fresh opportunities for commercial scale
  • Master the skills required to rapidly test and learn with new solutions in market.
  • Understand how to manage a simple end to end design thinking process


Various exercises and MCQ's


The Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa

CPD Category: General

Approval Number: FPI22021709

FPI Points: 5.00


On completion delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

5.0 General Points

5.0 Max Points

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Mastering Design Thinking will provide you with the insights and the tools you need to reimagine and pivot your business model and future-proof your organisation.